05 January 2008

Scouts Premieres on The Doc Channel!

Dear Friends:

The TV deal for Scouts are Cancelled finally came through and it's debuting on THE DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8pm the 11th, 12th & 13th of January. Those of you in Canada please check it out and tell your neighbours! If you're not Canadian it's not your fault -- but go ahead and call one up and let them know.

And Scouts had it's best screening to date at THE ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL in Halifax in September. People laughed. Phewww! (Everyone was SO quiet in Toronto.)
Also it won a $1000.00 prize THE REX TASKER DOCUMENTARY AWARD.

We also got probably our best review yet from the venerable Nova Scotia film critic RON FOLEY-MACDONALD who called it one of the best literary docs he's ever seen!

And THE NEW YORK TIMES site wrote up a nice overview of it:

Oh yeah and Scouts was a finalist for CANADA'S TOP TEN MOVIES for 2007! But didn't win.
Damn you David Cronenberg & Dennys Arcand!
Here's what they chose: http://www.topten.ca/default.aspx

Those of you in Ithaca or nearby watch for the New York premiere coming in early April with THE FINGER LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL.

Thanks for your support and patience!

All my best in 2008!