04 November 2012

Kind Words By Jury Member at Zebra Film Festival

First Death got a nice mention by Steffi Eisenschenk, a writer in the online German magazine Freitag. Here's our translation of what she's written about her experience as a member of the jury at the Zebra Film Festival in Berlin:

top five after the Screening:

Balada Catalana (Laen Sanches - Frankreich 2010, Gedicht: Vicente Balaguet)

I come from..., (Daniel Lucchesi, Alex Ramseyer - England 2011, Gedicht: Joseph Buckley)

First Death in Nova Scotia (John Scott - Kanada 2012, Gedicht: Elisabeth Bishop)

Heimweg (Franziska Otto - Deutschland 2010, Gedicht: Peh)

Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation (Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuchtenberg – Deutschland, Gedicht: Martin Wallner)

Only “Balada Catalana” got votes from all five jury members. Nevertheless there were trade-offs and pleas of consideration for “First Death in Nova Scotia.” And we realized how difficult it is to decide as a jury. There may only be one winner.

What I found so ingenious about “First Death in Nova Scotia“ was the blending of the live action and animation techniques. At the same time the style changes revealed the film's interpretation of the poem. I thought that was most original. You can tell, it stays with me.

And here is the link to the whole article--